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Object Series no. 1


Object Series no. 1 is a documentation studies inspired from the construction sites. Have you been surprised by a building that looks just like a rendering? The world now offers a level of technology and capital where everything seems possible, a boundary between representation and reality is blurry, fueled by the social media where experience is realized by an image rather than phenomenon. However, in most construction sites with limited budgets, 'things just happen' as in 'it goes wrong'. Ironically, it's also when you step out of comfort zone and create the unexpected. The endeavor of this project is in highlighting such process (chaos), as opposes to linear fabrications of ideas. The research subjects are useless relics (Thomassons), construction materials, industrial standard objects and model-making; all commonly sorted as work in progress, archived, covered or discard. This is a self-reflective exercise to discover potentials in our daily practices.  

mi-u object series no.1
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